TinLeg Travel Insurance
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Explore a variety of protection levels tailored to suit your individual needs and budgets. Whether you're seeking comprehensive coverage or a more economical option, there's something for everyone. 

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TinLeg Travel Insurance

What Does Insurance Cover?

Emergency Medical Assistance

If you experience an injury or illness while traveling, Tin Leg’s medical team will establish contact with your treating physician, a designated family member or traveling companion, and your primary care physician at home if necessary.

Tin Leg Assistance can also provide language translation services to help you understand the care that is being provided or recommended.

Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Coordination

Tin Leg Assistance will coordinate emergency medical evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility if your condition requires emergency transportation.

Once you are medically stable, Tin Leg will arrange for your transportation home if your attending physician deems it medically necessary and it is approved by our Medical Department.

If you must be hospitalized for a significant amount of time (7 days or more), Tin Leg Assistance will arrange for one individual to be at your side while hospitalized and to accompany you during your return home.

We will also assist with the return of dependent children under the age of 19 and with the return of your rental vehicle.

Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Referral

Tin Leg Assistance will help you locate nearby pharmacies and medical and dental care facilities.

We will also assist with replacing medical prescriptions, contact lenses or eyeglasses. The cost of obtaining the replacement is the responsibility of the insured.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Tin Leg Assistance will arrange the transportation of a covered traveler’s remains and help explain the laws, regulations and logistics involved with returning the body home.

Trip Delay, Baggage Delay or Lost Baggage

Tin Leg Assistance is available to help with travel arrangements due to cancellations, delays or last-minute common carrier schedule changes. We will follow up with a common carrier if your baggage is delayed or lost.

Emergency Return Home

If an emergency at home requires you to interrupt your trip, Tin Leg Assistance can help arrange hotel and transportation home.